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Blog Entry - 5/25/2019

Update for Memorial Day Weekend

A couple things going on this weekend. I kicked off a sale via my Instagram page.  Click here to view my instagram page. I post WIP photos, etc a good bit more often in Instagram than i do here on my page primarily due to ease of use, etc.

From a creative standpoint, updated Bath Throne is in the works and on the printer as we speak and I have started my interpretation of Tony Stark's clear table. It will be combination of laser cut acrylic, a 3D Printed base and hopefully some LED's.

I will also be updating our "Products" portion of our website this weekend.

Blog Entry - 5/18/2019

I put this quick little article together for a local facebook page where there was an interest in 3D printing



The purpose of this document is to provide a quick overview of 3D Printing that I have put together using sources available from the internet. I’ve included my personal opinions on software but your experience may be different.


Basic Process


There are two options to decide what you would like to print.


  1. Download from the internet (Thingiverse.com is a popular choice). This is where most people start and its important to learn how to print before you learn how to design

  2. Create your own. There are several options below that I will mention.


Here is a quick flow chart











3D Design Software Choices


I am choosing to list free resources


  1. Fusion 360 – My personal favorite – Great for mechanical things

  2. Sculptris – More for organic modeling like faces, etc.

  3. Blender – Personally not a very user friendly option but is free and popular with digital animators.


All of these have FREE tutorials on youtube.com. I learned a lot by getting a set of digital calipers and watching videos by Lars Christenson. Fusion allows you to use metric or standard and is completely free! There are also several Facebook groups with folks who can help you learn. Here is a great intro video to Fusion 360 ===> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5bc9c3S12g


3D Repair Tools

I use another free option called netfabb. I upload most things here to optimize it and to make sure it will print well





The slicing software takes your 3D model and tells your printer how to print your object. There are several options for this also


  1. Proprietary Software that comes with your printer – This software comes specific for your printer. Sometimes this software works great. Other times, not so much.

  2. Cura – Cura is free and has a great following but I don’t have much experience with it.

  3. Simplify3D – This is a fee software that I use because I became used to how it works.

  4. Others – There are quite a few others and the internet is full of users, opinions and support J


What Printer is Right for Me?


This comes down to a few criteria


  1. What do you want to make with it?

  2. What’s your budget?

  3. How big of “stuff” do you want to print?


A printer manufacturer has created a nice summary of the types available to consumers




It goes without saying 3D printers are like anything else. You definitely get what you pay for.

Blog Entry - 5/11/2019

I wanted make a quick blog after we launched our website over the last week and share what we have done historically and what's next for us.  I started this business/hobby about 2 years ago doing 3D modeling for Marvel Legends Action Figures beginning with a Hover Chair. At that time, there was a great model of a chair but it was made in limited numbers by the original artist. I chose to teach myself how to remodel it off of photos that various people provided. In about 6 weeks, I knew enough to 3D model it, print it, modify the model and so on until I got the desired design. Since then we've put together a few more "thrones" that fit marvel legends figures along with other lines.

Fast forward to Mid 2018 when laser technology caught our eye as a service not available in the Ashe County, NC area. We entered the laser market and found many of our 3D modeling skills could transition to lasering. We use Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator to help with our laser designing. So far we have had an opportunity to work with Acrylic, powder coated items, slate, wood, etc.

In early 2019 we added our CNC which we are still bringing online.

Current Projects:

1.) Designing a throne to accomodate a Mezco Batman Figure

2.) Integrating CNC into diorama creations

3.) Designing some custom business promotional items

Future State:

We plan to add a couple section to our websites including


1.) Work of exceptional diorama artists. These folks work in a variety of scales for collectors of action figures of all ages

2.) A show case of some of the customizing we can do. This will involve creating a catalog on our page but will need to determine how cost effective it will be to add to this page or use Etsy.