Blog Entry - 2/24/2020

Last week I mentioned how I recently wrapped up reading a book on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and this evening I started to implement some of the recommendations out of the book. One of my personal goals is to blog once a week just as quick update or summary as to what i've been working on.  

This is a work in progress but some of the more recent tasks we've been working on is to 

  1. Create a YouTube Channel for tutorials of things I've learned that may not be out there or at least not summarized.

  2. We've listed ourselves in the google local SEO setup and some of the folks we have worked with have already started to provide feedback and reviews about some the projects we have worked on for them in the 3D Printing Space, CNC projects for dioramas, or photo laser engraving projects we've worked with them on.  

  3. We've added some customization options for diorama walls. More to come on this and hopefully publish to our Etsy store along with some direct purchase options.

Blog Entry - 2/17/2020

I recently wrapped up reading a fantastic book about search engine optimization or SEO. It was absolutely amazing to learn about the strategies for getting your site indexed by google and move it up in search history. I have about 10 pages worth of notes that I will be working on implementing for this page to hopefully drive some additional traffic.

Blog Entry - 2/16/2020

Today we wrapped up machining our first diorama wall made from polystyrene foam. It took about 2 hours to do the modeling in Fusion 360 and about an hour to run the part on our Shapeoko 3 XXL. I plan to do a quick video of how you can model a fairly tedious process  of manually carving bricks in foam using an X-Acto knife and transition to modeling in fusion 360 and then take that file and your favorite foam to your local maker space to see how easy and repeatable the process can be.

Blog Entry - 5/11/2019

I wanted make a quick blog after we launched our website over the last week and share what we have done historically and what's next for us.  I started this business/hobby about 2 years ago doing 3D modeling for Marvel Legends Action Figures beginning with a Hover Chair. At that time, there was a great model of a chair but it was made in limited numbers by the original artist. I chose to teach myself how to remodel it off of photos that various people provided. In about 6 weeks, I knew enough to 3D model it, print it, modify the model and so on until I got the desired design. Since then we've put together a few more "thrones" that fit marvel legends figures along with other lines.

Fast forward to Mid 2018 when laser technology caught our eye as a service not available in the Ashe County, NC area. We entered the laser market and found many of our 3D modeling skills could transition to lasering. We use Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator to help with our laser designing. So far we have had an opportunity to work with Acrylic, powder coated items, slate, wood, etc.

In early 2019 we added our CNC which we are still bringing online.

Current Projects:

1.) Designing a throne to accomodate a Mezco Batman Figure

2.) Integrating CNC into diorama creations

3.) Designing some custom business promotional items

Future State:

We plan to add a couple section to our websites including


1.) Work of exceptional diorama artists. These folks work in a variety of scales for collectors of action figures of all ages

2.) A show case of some of the customizing we can do. This will involve creating a catalog on our page but will need to determine how cost effective it will be to add to this page or use Etsy.

Blog Entry 3/5/2020

We’ve been asked a few times on Instagram how we developed our diorama walls. We’ve recently started to draft brick patterns as a DXF file using Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator. Both of these pieces of software have a bit of a learning curve. I started using Fusion 360 for Diorama and action figure accessories (Mezco, Marvel Legends, etc.). Since moving into the Laser Engraving/Laser Cutting/CNC design, we’ve started to use the sketch features within Fusion.  This allows for developing accurate and repeatable two dimensional sketches. A laser engraving/laser cutting machine and a CNC both use 2 dimensional sketches (A CNC allows for 3D objects which is another topic for another day.


Once I have the brick pattern identified that I want to use, I go into a scaling tool where I start with the 1:1 dimension and translate that into a 1:12 or 1:18 depending on the needs of the diorama. I’ve included my favorite website on the bottom of this post. There are apps available for iPhone and Android that are free to download. Once I have the dimensions identified, I start sketching in fusion 360 using native shapes such as circles, squares and other native shapes. If I want to include a custom logo in the brick work I also using Fusion 360 to insert those into the wall sketch, align the way I want and move on.


For Diorama foam I have found that using a CNC vs a laser  allows for a good bit more precision as long as the correct bit.


Here is the link to the scale converter tool:


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