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Our goal was to develop a combination of services that provide value to local and non-local customers alike. To that end, we have invested the time and capital to offer the following services:


3D Modeling


This is a service we primary offer to our collectables focused clientele to supplement what large manufacturers already offer. We use a software package called Fusion 360 along with dimensions provided by our clients to develop products specific to a client or offer to multiple clients. Our 3D models can be used in additive manufacturing (3D printing) or CNC Milling. We offer both of these services.



Additive Manufacturing


Commonly known as 3D printing, we offer this service to print files that we design or if a customer provides us a model. We primarily use a material called Polylactic acid (PLA). In some higher heat cases we can use  Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).


CNC Machining


We recently started to introduce CNC machining that will allow us to make creations out of foam, plastic, wood and metal. While Additive manufacturing creates objects line by line using resin or filament, CNC does the opposite by removing stock. CNC work can be something as simple as a sign or a complex 3D shape.




Laser Cutting & Engraving


Using a Carbon Dioxide laser, we are able to generate a creation that is unique to each of our customers. We are able to laser etch into the materials that include but are not limited to:


  1. Glass

  2. Plastics

  3. Wood

  4. Powder Coated/Anodized Items

  5. Stone (Slate, Black Marble, Stone)

  6. Metal – Contact us to discuss your metals request since metal work may be limited with a CO2 Laser.


One of our most popular capabilities is to add photos to the media listed above especially engraving photos on powder coated tumblers. This process is much different than most other applications since the photo is burned into the substrate.


Powder Coating


We implemented our powder coating process after we discovered the limited number of colors available for our customers. Request for powder coating are handled on a case by case basis due to our process capability limitations (i.e. oven size).